Cooking is my passion. This I inherited from my Mom. There was never anything she couldn’t whip up it seemed. She was a magician in the kitchen. She taught me to cook with my senses. To see, feel, and enjoy the food from the ingredients to the final dish. Even today when I am cooking, it feels like she is in the kitchen with me.

My friend Coleen – can say so many things about her. She helped me venture out of my “cuisine comfort zone”. She is my Julia Child. She has taught me so much. She has encouraged me to cook more than just Indian food. When I need advice she is the one I call. Some of our most fun times have been spent in the kitchen, cooking and experimenting, with a bottle of wine.

Cooking for my family is a source of pleasure. The look on their faces when I make something new or a favorite dish is pure bliss. Whether it is celebrating my girls’ birthdays, their triumphs, or just a family dinner; meals are the center of our family. It is for them that I keep trying new things.

My sisters, brother, and cousins have always been my fans. We can spend hours in the kitchen or around the dinning table just enjoying old stories and laughing. It’s amazing how stories start based on what we are enjoying. Memories are a magical inspiration.

I hope you enjoy my food. Looking forward to connecting with you all.



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